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Ways to stay secure and save money

We offer a variety of programs to insure that you never run out of propane and to economize.

Level Pay Program
Our "Level Pay" plan is designed to level out your propane bill each month. It works by estimating your propane usage over a period of one year. Your monthly bill is averaged so it is the same each month, which allows you too more easily budget for your propane needs. Three times each year we recalculate the average amount based on your actual usage.

If you are not currently taking advantage of "Level Pay’ and have a year’s history with Wells Propane, you can sign up during the month of May. More information is available by phoning our office by filling out the Contact-Us form.

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Keep Full Program

"Keep Full" means exactly what it says. Wells Propane will keep your tank full without the necessity of your having to check the level in the tank. Our software keeps track of past usage patterns, current time of the year and the current weather patterns. Based on this information we can forecast the individual needs of each customer. We schedule deliveries to our "keep full" customers based on this information, thus ensuring that they never run out of Propane.

"Keep full" customers enjoy a lower price because of the efficiencies we derive from being able to forecast and schedule delivery routes more efficiently as well as being able to plan ahead for bulk deliveries to our plants.

If you are not a "Keep Full" customer, and would like to become one, please phone us or fill out the Contact-Us form.

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Switch-out Program
If you are currently with another supplier and wish to experience our service our Guaranteed "Keep Full" program then give us a call and we will take care of the rest. You will receive a "switch out discount" on your first 200 gallons and then after that enjoy our competitive prices and an unequaled dedication to service.

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Refer-a-friend Program
You can earn $35 by simply referring a friend to the Wells Propane family. To be eligible for the $35 the person you refer must become a new Wells Propane heating customer. When the person you refer does become a new heating customer and receives their first delivery of propane we will credit your account $35.

To receive this benefit, please fill out the appropriate portions of the Contact-Us form.

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Energy Assistance
The Nevada Energy Connection program is a federally funded energy assistance program that assists eligible households with home heating costs and cooling costs. You may visit the Nevada Energy Connection website directly, telephone the State of Nevada at 1-866-846-2009 or, if you wish, give your local Wells Propane office a call for more information.

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Remote Sensing System
Wells Propane is now offering a system that will monitor the level of Propane in your tank and the temperature inside your home. We install a solar powered remote tank sensor on your propane tank, which communicates via radio with a small receiver in your home. The receiver is connected to your phone line and is programmed to call in to the dispatch center when the propane level in your tank or the temperature (high or low) in your home reaches a critical level. A service technician can be dispatched immediately.

Just think of the "peace of mind" that you will enjoy when you are away from your home for extended periods. No worry about running out of propane or broken water pipes should the temperature fall below freezing in your home while you are away.

Call today to schedule your installation.

Cost: No up front or installation cost. Only a monthly charge of $10.00 or a quarterly charge of $28.76 or an annual payment of $111.83 will enable you to enjoy this unique "PEACE OF MIND".

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